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  3. Letting go of blame & shame and creating true freedom for yourself
  4. Gain closure on painful experiences to live in a more conscious and empowered way.
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Hi, I'm Sarah! I'm here to support you to love yourself.


From providing acute trauma support in conflict zones (I've lived in the Middle East for over ten years) to private coaching and integrative psychotherapy, I focus on connecting you to an awareness of your infinite worth. 


I've trained in a whole smogaorsboard of clinical methods and I'm an odd mixture of skeptical  (I feel awkward around tie-dye wall hangings and incense) and at the same time my approach is distinctly soulful. I often sense where you're coming from, before you're consciously aware of your own emotional, mental and energetic blocks. I experience you as a transcendent presence beyond the stress or trauma that may have been holding you back like an invisible forcefield.


I invite you to bring awareness to the limiting beliefs and integrate them, enabling you to move into a place of greater acceptance, self love and inner peace. From this place life starts to get better. You start to trust your own inherent wisdom and limitless value. 


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