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Hi, I'm Sarah, 


Learning to love yourself can be simple and enjoyable. 


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Online Course

I'll walk you through my most valued transformative processes, for less than the price of one therapy session.

You'll be able to integrate what you learn into your life, in your own time, at your own pace. 

You can re-watch as often as you like, from the comfort of your own home. 


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Bespoke personal support

If you’re depressed, stressed, suffering or just stuck and don’t know where to turn- I can help. I’ll guide you to release self judgement and feel comfortable in your own skin, accessing your own reserves of strength and wisdom.

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Organisational Consultancy

Having consulted for numerous corporations, I’ve experienced firsthand how inter personal tension and chronic stress damage productivity and morale. I'll get your team back on their A-game and working harmoniously together. 

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"Working with survivors of severe war trauma, we benefited immensely from Sarah's expertise. Staff have been able to respond to situations more calmly. Her support has improved our well-being, both individually and as a team."

International Services Clinical Advisor for Mental Health, Centre for the Victims of Torture, U.S.A.

"Working with Sarah is a real eye-opener. I gained clarity and improved how I communicate. Sarah's techniques are now the core of my daily practice which has helped both my professional and personal development."

Marketing and Communications Leader, MENA and North Africa region, Dubai.

"Those who attend our leader's retreat are demanding of quality content. Sarah delivered a skillful program that had everyone engaged and inspired. We were very lucky to have her."

Senior Programme Manager, Institute for Strategic Dialogue, London

"Sarah's sessions were very valuable and really useful in reframing my thoughts. I've noticed ongoing positive impacts in all my relationships."

Psychotherapist Trainer, Centre for the Victims of Torture, Jordan

"Sarah brought a new depth of appreciation to the team. She's always a pleasure to work with, exuding authenticity and positive energy. "

Leadership Coach & Talent Analytics Advisor, Saudi Aramco, K.S.A.

"Sarah’s warm approach and professional expertise were highly received, the whole organization benefited hugely from her support. I wholeheartedly recommend Sarah to any one who's serious about their mental health, wellbeing and emotional safety."

Ithra Centre for World Culture, K.S.A.