Soulful Psychotherapy

Invisible wounds

Uncategorized Oct 27, 2018

A decade ago we were living abroad with our 3 lovely babies. I felt all-consuming love for my boys and hyper-reactive and sensitive to almost everyone else. When a shopkeeper told me our 1yr old should be wearing socks with his sandals (in the tropics) I felt judged and hurt. One night I had a vivid dream that people were sticking sharp thorns into my skin. I felt an deep sense of injustice and outrage at how I was being treated. Until I noticed the thorns were growing from me. There weren’t any villains stabbing me, only people who had the misfortune of rubbing against my thorns.  The next morning I could see everywhere I felt triggered by others could be traced back to a wound within me. When I was able to give these areas of pain my attention and compassion, they no longer hurt.   

Where do you feel pain from what ‘others are doing’ and can you trace the pain back to the root within you?