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How do I Love myself?

Uncategorized Oct 01, 2018

Have you ever wondered ‘how do I love myself’? Giving yourself bubble baths and buying your favourite flowers? While these are potentially meaningful self-care gestures, Self-Love is accepting yourself for the messy reality of who you are, warts and all. 

If you’re able to hold a child in tenderness when they express anger, anxiety or overwhelm – are you able to exercise the same compassion towards yourself? Loving yourself is accepting that within your higher-self is a smaller-self (ego), that feels rage at its powerlessness and judges itself as inferior/superior to others.

What if you embrace this part with compassion and understanding?

In choosing Love rather than judgment, our higher-self naturally takes the driving seat, and our smaller self-becomes the passenger.

Notice today when you feel stressed, nervous, angry, tense, jealous, fearful, etc. Experiment with relating to this part of yourself as if you’re comforting a distressed child.