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How can I accept the present moment?

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2018

Accepting the ‘now’ is the gateway to our peace and freedom. Often, knowing what we need to do is a universe away from knowing how to do it.

The key to the elusive present moment is noticing our relationship to what is. When we resist whatever’s happening right now, we suffer. When we accept what’s happening at this exact moment in time, we are living in the now.

This isn’t to say that we condone inhumane or unkind acts. When we meet reality with the acceptance that it’s already happened we’re empowered to choose our response from a place of clarity.

The concept that life and all of its experiences are for us seems naively dismissive in the light of perceived injustices.

How could we come to a place of acceptance, say, that our husband left us for our best friend?

Surely the natural thing to do is react in loud outrage, or be crushed?

But sit with the question of ‘how could it be a good thing’ and the answers may astonish you, guiding you to an experience a paradigm shift that the loud rage or deep despair could never achieve.

When we can meet all moments with acceptance, we’re freed from being at the mercy of outside events.

We no longer live our life from an automatic stance of resistance and have learnt to embrace the present moment.

Notice today when you automatically resist reality. How could what’s happening it be a good thing’?